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Alder Specifics...
Alder Lumber
Superior 10/4
One-Face Superior
One-Face Superior 10/4
10/4 Number 1
Custom Shop
Common Shop
10/4 Number 2
#3 Shop
Standard Frame
Superior Skip
Cabinet Skip
Custom Skip
Superior Color
Cabinet Color
Custom Shop Color
RM1 4/4
RM1 5/4

Ash Quality...
Ash Lumber
Ash Select & Better
Ash #1 Shop
Ash #2 Shop
Ash #3 Shop
Ash Frame

Birch Quality...
Birch Lumber
Birch Select & Better
Birch #1 Shop
Birch #2 Shop
Birch #3 Shop
Birch Frame
Birch RM1

Maple Quality...
Maple Lumber
Maple Select & Better
Maple #1 Shop
Maple #2 Shop
Maple #3 Shop
Maple Skip #1 & Better
Maple Skip Low Grade
Maple Frame
Maple Color Sel & Better
Maple Color #1 Shop

Forest Stewardship Council


Now Available FSC Certified Alder

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Canadian Birch

Birch Forest,
Western Canada

Westcoast Hardwoods

Grade Availability

Westcoast Hardwoods handles proprietary grades that were created to more accurately supply our customers need.

We supply Alder, Maple, Ash, and Birch hardwoods to clients around the globe.

If you have special needs that you don't see here, please contact
Scott Meyers for help in finding your exact requirements.

We understand unique applications and will do our best to provide the exact stock mix that you need.

Some of our available production will vary from the grades shown. Check with your salesman for clarification.


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